Become a better leader in Boston.

Education may be the biggest motivation for pathologists, laboratory professionals and residents to attend the Annual Meeting, but participants will take home lessons from outside the traditional classroom, too. Register for this year's Annual Meeting to learn how to be a better leader with renowned organizational development and change management expert, Catherine Stakenas, MA.

As founder of CPS Corporate Consultants and an Associate Professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Stakenas is passionate about empowering personal growth in students of all ages. She is a master in the science of behavioral change - a science that will resonate with the entire laboratory medicine community in Boston.

A Teacher Who Knows ASCP Students

Stakenas is no stranger to the challenges of working in the laboratory - - her background includes working as a medical technician. While she's been away from the laboratory for 30 years, she understands the obstacles that continue to impact current members of the laboratory medicine community. 

"I left the laboratory because the hospital wasn't paying me enough to support two children," Stakenas says. "My time in the lab serves as a strong bridge that connects me with these attendees."

Career Counseling

For laboratory professionals looking to spur their professional development, Stakenas' on-site sessions will deliver valuable takeaways that will send attendees home with insights essential to becoming effective leaders. Stakenas has provided guidance for members of the ASCP staff, too.

"A profound discovery for me was the way Catherine helped me to become more self-aware of my communication style," Yvette Spriggs, senior manager, customer service, ASCP says.

Spriggs says that her coaching helped her learn how to work more effectively to build cooperative relationships, trust and accountability.

Adapting to the Evolving Lab Environment

Stakenas' sessions are not solely for those who are searching for career advancement advice. For managers and physicians in charge of their teams, these career management seminars get to the root of a very crucial question: how can you do your job better? As laboratory standards continue to change and new regulations impact your on-the-job decision-making, these sessions are designed to prepare attendees for the next generation of leadership.

"I'm dedicated to helping these attendees learn how to be better managers, how to prevent conflict in their work environments, and how to promote the value of working together to the rest of their team," Stakenas says.

One-on-One Advice

Stakenas will lead group career counseling courses, but she will also provide more personalized guidance for pathologists, laboratory professionals, and residents. From personality assessments to resume revisions, she says these one-on-one sessions dig deeper into specific areas where attendees need assistance.

"From revising resumes to assessing personalities, our one-on-one time gets to the heart of specific needs for these attendees," Stankenas says. "I'm really looking forward to being part of the Annual Meeting again this year."

Find out more about Catherine Stakenas' career counseling sessions here.

Catherine Stakenas, MA

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