Concierge Customer Service Representative
Betty Sanders
Focusing on Pathologists and Residents

Betty Sanders, MBA, has a natural affinity for concierge customer service and always makes it a priority to be both approachable and accessible for the pathologists and pathology residents who belong to ASCP, as well as the residency program directors.

“I have made myself the go-to person for residents and program directors at ASCP,” said Ms. Sanders, ASCP Program Manager for Membership Councils in the Membership Department. “My role is to listen to their concerns and then to be knowledgeable and solve their problems. Through my actions, I show our members that they are my first priority. When an ASCP member contacts me, I drop everything else to respond to them."

Like all ASCP members, the residents have many other choices of organizations to join. She wants to do her part to be exceedingly helpful, ensuring ASCP stands out from its competitors. They will remember the way they were treated, and the person who was helpful.