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ASCP Career Fair to Deliver Job Leads and Career Advice

Laboratory professionals are lucky: Their job prospects are far better than for most professions. Health care remains a bright spot in the still struggling job market. However, pathologists have more challenges in finding jobs, especially those new to the profession.

Whatever the circumstances, job hunting is rarely easy, and career advancement is tougher. To help pathologists and laboratory professionals find job leads and make the most of their possibilities for advancement, ASCP will offer its third Career Fair during the 2011 Annual Meeting/World Association for the Societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (WASPaLM) XXVI World Congress, Oct. 19–22, Las Vegas.

While many prestigious companies participate in the ASCP Career Fair, another great resource for attendees is the master trainer and facilitator, Catherine Stakenas, President of CPS Corporate Consultants, Inc., Chicago. Trained as a medical technologist, she managed $91 million in sales, operations, and service for Quest Diagnostics before starting her consulting firm in 1996.

"Catherine can speak their language," said Jean Marden, ASCP Vice President of Human Resources and Development, who started the ASCP Career Fair in 2009. "To succeed, she can tell pathologists and laboratory professionals to polish their interpersonal skills as brightly as their credentials."

During the ASCP Annual Meeting, Ms. Stakenas will conduct several one-hour sessions, including discovering strengths, honing leadership skills, and adapting to new situations and opportunities.

"I enjoy working with people to heighten their understanding of their own behavioral strengths and growth opportunities to manage change and increase their effectiveness," Ms. Stakenas said. "This translates into results and value for their organizations."

Additionally, she will offer one-on-one coaching sessions on a first-come, first-served basis for Career Fair participants. The coaching sessions began spontaneously at the first ASCP Career Fair and have become so popular that Ms. Stakenas works from dawn until dusk throughout the three-day Career Fair. Afterwards, some individuals continue consultations with her.

"Catherine is nonjudgmental and takes great joy in helping other people," Ms. Marden said.

For ASCP staff, Ms. Stakenas has helped them adjust to change, cope effectively with the different personalities of their colleagues, and demonstrate through team-building exercises how to devise innovative solutions by listening and using each other's strengths. Occasionally, she provides coaching to ASCP staff members transitioning to new roles, including Yvette Spriggs, MBA, Senior Manager of Customer Service.

"Catherine offered me solutions and alternatives for approaching organizational issues," Ms. Spriggs said. "She advised me about how to develop a communications style to work more effectively with senior leaders that is direct and solution-based, and will, ultimately, foster cooperative relationships."