Media credentials/Registration:

Credentialed media may attend the ASCP 2011 Annual Meeting/World Association of Societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine XXVI World Congress in Las Vegas at no cost. Media may cover any session but will not be permitted to attend the Keynote Address on Oct. 19 or ASCP committee meetings. The President's Inaugural Address and Business Meeting is open to media. To register, please contact Sarah Dietze at 312-558-1770 or and submit a link or scanned copy of recently published work and/or a letter of assignment from a news outlet.

Credentials are available only to working media who can demonstrate that their attendance results in coverage of the meeting. ASCP does not issue badges to advertising, marketing, public relations or sales representatives; publishers, editors, or reporters from manufacturers' house organs or promotional publications; public relations staff of exhibitors or educational institutions; writers creating analyses or reports sold as a commodity to customers; or other individuals who are not actually reporting on the meeting. Exhibitors may not register as media.

Media Badges:

To obtain a badge, be prepared to present identification certifying that you are a working member of the print, broadcast or online news media and/or a letter stating that you are on assignment to cover the ASCP/WASPaLM meeting. Badges can be retrieved from the registration desk.

Press Room:

The press room will be Bassano 2601. Internet access will be available for registered media.

Interview arrangements:

To arrange interviews prior to the meeting please contact Sarah Dietze at 312-558-1770 or Indicate the session(s) that you are interested in covering and who you would like to interview. Please also indicate if you will need to arrange photos or videos.

On site:
To arrange an interview on-site, please contact:
Gelasia Croom
ASCP Media Relations Manager

Poster presentations
This year, posters will be presented in scientific research as well as laboratory practice management. Click here to browse abstracts by category. If you are interested in speaking to presenters/authors before the meeting, please contact Sarah Dietze at 312-558-1770 or

Opening Session:

The Keynote Address on Oct. 19 is closed to the media. There are no exceptions.

Photo and video guidelines:

Unobtrusive non-flash photography and audio taping is acceptable with advance permission from ASCP. Lighting and flash photography are not allowed during interviews in the newsroom. Crews must provide their own energy source and not plug in to house outlets.
PLEASE NOTE: All camera crews must be accompanied by a member of the newsroom staff unless other arrangements have been made.