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101 Changes In the Fellowship Match Process.pdf

104 White Blood Cell Identification A Novel Trainer and Competency Assessment Tool.pdf

106 Advancing the Global Workforce in Developing Countries Diagnostics to Logistics to Solutions.pdf

108 Improving Tissue Traceability by Internationally Standardized Coding.pdf

11 Pathologists' Assistants and Their Role in the Practice of Pathology.pdf

111 Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) in Cytology.pdf

113 Improve Lab Operations with Six Sigma Metrics.pdf

114 The Anatomic Pathologist's Role in Error Reduction and Patient Safety.pdf

115 Endothelial Progenitor Cells A Novel Laboratory-Based Biomarker of Vascular Health.pdf

116 The Future Role of Laboratory Inspections and Accreditation.pdf

117 Applying Risk Management Principles to QA in Surgical Pathology From Principles to Practice.pdf

118 Managing Results in the New World of the Electronic Record.pdf

119 Laboratory Medicine Best Practices Developing and Applying Systematic Evidence Review and Evaluation Methods for Quality Improvement.pdf

120 POCT in a Changing Regulatory World.pdf

124 Most Common Findings from Joint Commission Surveys.pdf

126 Improving Your Decision Making Skills to Improve Laboratory Performance.pdf

127 Lean in Action Using Lean Principles to Solve Impossible Problems.pdf

128 Strategic Planning How to Create and Implement a Plan to Achieve Your Vision for Your Laboratory.pdf

129 Congratulations Residency Graduate What Every New Pathologist Should Know About Employment Decisions!.pdf

13 Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Metastatic Malignancies of Unknown Primary Site.pdf

131 Staff Motivation & Retention Possible Solutions to an Ongoing Challenge.pdf

132 What Would You Do Case Studies in Laboratory Ethical Dilemmas.pdf

133 The Entrepreneur Within You Imagine!.pdf

134 A Laboratory Cage Match Six Sigma vs. Lean.pdf

136 Risk Management and Legal Issues for the Practice.pdf

138 Developing the Right Negotiation Skills for the Laboratory.pdf

139 Making the Change from Lab Mentality to Customer Service Mentality (Part 1).pdf

14 Cytologic Sub-Classification of Lung Cancer A New Challenge for Practicing Pathologists.pdf

141 The Role of the Laboratory Director Responsibilities, Expectations and Challenges.pdf

142 Making the Change from Lab Mentality to Customer Service Mentality (Part 2).pdf

143 Changes on the Horizon-An Update on Pathology Convergence.pdf

144 Getting to Yes with Multigenerational, Multicultural Team Members.pdf

147 Personalized Medicine-Current and Future Realities.pdf

149 Gene Patents-The Future of Gene Research in an Era of Patents-Scientific and Legal Considerations.pdf

152 Infections without Borders.pdf

153 Tissue Tug of War Issues in Tissue Procurement for Research and Banking.pdf

155 Pathology Consultations-Making Them Effective and Relevant.pdf

160 International Pathology and the World Health Organization.pdf

161 The Thyroid in Art.pdf

169 Teach An Entire Pathology Course, Lecture and Lab, Online!.pdf

170 Peer Brainstorming Doping Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Is the Clinical Laboratory Able to Detect the Use of Doping Substances in Non-official Competitions.pdf

171 Crossing Borders Discovering Exotic Diseases That Have Become Endemic.pdf

173 ENCORE! Handling Patient Diagnostic Materials Ethical, Social, and Legal Issues.pdf

176 Liver Biopsy Evaluation A Novel Approach To Arriving at Differential Diagnosis.pdf

177 2011 ASCP Resident Review Mini-Course Series Session 1 Microbiology, Chemistry and Transfusion Medicine.pdf

178 2011 ASCP Resident Review Mini-Course Series Session 2 Renal and Soft Tissue Pathology.pdf

184 Cutaneous Lymphomas Morphology, Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Testing.pdf

189 Evaluating and Reporting Tumors after (Neo)adjuvant Therapy Breast,Testis and Urinary Bladder.pdf

191 Understanding Genitourinary System Cytology From Morphology to Molecular Pathology.pdf

196 Develop and Maximize Your Team's True Potential.pdf

2 Glands Gone Wild Glandular Lesions in Pap Tests.pdf


206 Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS), Aplastic Anemia, and Other Bone Marrow Failure States.pdf

214 Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases in Surgical and Cytopathology with Microbiology Recommendations.pdf

215 Problematic Cases in Pulmonary Cytopathology.pdf

217 Gynecologic Familial Cancer Syndromes What the Practicing Pathologist Needs to Know.pdf

220 Urinary Cytopathology - Its Role in Diagnostic Uropathology and Relationship to Ancillary Tests like FISH.pdf

223 Applied Information Technology - Where Simplicity brings blissful surprises.pdf

224a Pulmonary Pathology New and Evolving Concepts, Diagnostic Dilemmas and Controversies (Part 1- Cases).pdf

225 Global Standardization and Quality Services of Molecular-Genetic Testing.pdf

230 Quality Assurance Programs and Revalidation Exploration and Opportunities for Collaboration at an International Level.pdf

231 Barbara M. Castleberry Lecture for Laboratory Professionals.pdf

29 Common Consultation Conundrums in Breast Pathology.pdf

3 Building Blocks of Cytodiagnosis The "Gut Course" in FNA Biopsy.pdf

31 Surgical Pathology of Diagnostically Challenging Thyroid Gland Lesions.pdf

33 Special Types of Invasive Breast Carcinoma Diagnostic Criteria with Prognostic and Therapeutic Signs.pdf

36 An Integrated Clinicopathologic Approach to Ever-Confusing Thyroid Pathology.pdf

37 Pitfalls in Dermatopathology When Things Are Not What They Seem To Be.pdf

39 Wart's Happening HPV disease of the cervix, vulva and anus with an update on laboratory testing and the vaccine.pdf

4 Utilize CLMA's "Body of Knowledge for Medical Laboratory Management" to Achieve ASCP's DLM Certification.pdf

40 Surgical Pathology of Sinonasal Tract Tumors.pdf

41 A Crash Course in Diagnosing Common and Not-So-Common Head and Neck Lesions.pdf

46 Medical Liver Biopsy Interpretation A Practical Guide for Accurate Diagnosis and Informative Reporting.pdf

47 ENCORE! GI Pathology New Approaches to Old Problems.pdf

48 Prostate Needle Biopsy Interpretation and Reporting Contemporary Issues and Emerging Concepts.pdf

5 2011 AP Slide Seminar Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions of the Urinary Bladder.pdf

50 ENCORE! Pancreas Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology of Pancreatic Neoplasms.pdf

51 Non-neoplastic Diseases of the Genitourinary Tract A Practical Approach and Diagnostic Pitfalls.pdf

52 Top Ten Advances in Gastrointestinal Pathology 2011.pdf

53 Clinico-Pathologic Dilemmas in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.pdf

55 Important Pathologic Parameters in Reporting Urothelial Carcinoma of The Bladder.pdf

59 What You and the Neurosurgeon Really Need to Know Intra-operative Neuropathology.pdf

6 Challenging Cases for the Cytopathology Professional During Immediate Assessment. Are You Prepared.pdf

60 Molecular Biology of Cartilage Neoplasis Current Concepts and New Advances.pdf

61 Lost Mass Casualty Identification of Human Remains.pdf

64 Implementing Blood Management.pdf

65 Evidence-based Uses and Abuses of Plasma Transfusion.pdf

66 Contemporary Issues in Diagnostic Hemostasis and Thrombosis.pdf

67 Pharmacodynamic Monitoring of Targeted Drug Therapy.pdf

70 Diagnostic Accuracy.pdf

72 Procalcitonin as a Marker of Infection, Sepsis, and Response to Antibiotic Therapy.pdf

73 Coagulation Laboratory Methods, Standards and Cost Effective Testing (Part 1).pdf

74 Coagulation Laboratory Methods, Standards and Cost Effective Testing (Part 2).pdf

75 Half the Sky in Hematopathology Diagnosis of Lymphoma With Limited Resources.pdf

76 Molecular GeneticsImmunophenotype in New Entities of the 2008 WHO Classification of Hematopoietic Neoplasms.pdf

77 Flow Cytometry Basic Analysis Principles of Hematopoietic Malignancies.pdf

78 The Power of Peripheral Blood Smears-Apparent Diagnostic Clues (Part 1).pdf

79 Hemoglobinopathies The How, Why and What.pdf

8 Classifying Your Thyroid FNA Specimens Using Bethesda Terminology Use of Adjunct Molecular Reflex Testing.pdf

80 Myeloproliferative Neoplasms New Approaches to Diagnosis and Disease Monitoring.pdf

81 Stump the Stars 2011 Problem Cases in Hematopathology_pre meeting.pdf

83 The Power of Peripheral Blood Smears-Apparent Diagnostic Clues (Part 2).pdf

84 Immunohistochemistry to the Rescue in Hematopathology Problem Cases.pdf

86 FDA Regulation of Laboratory-Developed Tests.pdf

87 Recent Advances in HPV Testing.pdf

89 Emerging Molecular Diagnostic Tests and Therapies for Melanoma.pdf

9 Gray Zones and Double Hits Distinguishing True Burkitt Lymphoma from Other High-Grade B-Cell Lymphomas.pdf

90 A Practical Approach to Molecular Diagnostics in Gynecologic Neoplasms.pdf

92 Molecular Pathology in a Community Hospital Setting.pdf

94 Defining Best Practices for Determining KRAS Mutations in Colon Cancer.pdf

95 Maintenance of Certification Primer.pdf

96 What You Need to Know for the APCP Boards.pdf

99 Don't Be Mystified, Be Certified! Opportunities on a Global Scale.pdf

9a From Morphology to Molecular Pathology A Practical Approach for Cytopathologists (Part 1 Cytomorphology).pdf

9b From Morphology to Molecul...Part 2 Molecular Testing).pdf

CSP02 Uncommon Gastrointestinal Disorders Ignorance is Not Bliss.pdf

CSP04 Topics in Hematopathology Flow Cytometry and Molecular Genetics as Tools for Understanding, Diagnosing, and Treating Hematolymphoid Malignancy.pdf

CSP06 Head and Neck Pathology Challenges and Opportunities.pdf

Program Disclosures.pdf